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Hi, I'm Tom, the creator of this little website. If you are anything like me, then this website probably isn't for you. If you know someone like me, then this website IS for you!

You see, I've been crazy about superheros all my life. From watching TV shows like Adam West Batman, to the Superfriends, it was my total childhood. I didn't get into comicbooks until junior highschool. By then Superman had been published over 40 years! With a bunch of different writers and a bunch of different artists. Just like any long running soap opera, his history was fairly messed up. 30 some years later, it's even worst! If you ever had the misfortune of talking to a comicbook fan about comicbooks, you know what I'm talking about. It's really hard for a comicbook fan to break down a character in simple terms. Using Superman, did you know originally he couldn't fly, and now he has a super-nova attack blast? At first his costume was made from his Kryptonian baby blankets, then it was normal Earth fabric, now it's Kryptonian battle armor! You know, it's hard for us nerds to keep it all straight, so I can image how hard it is for you. And have you tried looking on Wikipedia? It all makes prefect sense to a nerd like me, but I'm willing to bet you eyes probably start glazing over by the third paragraph.

Well that's why I made this website. To give you a simple answer to just who the heck these heroes are. So if your office mates or school chumps are dragging you off to the movies, or invited you to a viewing party at home. Just stop by here to get an easy low-down on what's what. It will even give you something to talk about with these nerds: “In the comicbooks, she's like “this”, right?” “I believe in the comicbooks, he's more “x”.” Stuff that's a little more interesting than the title of the comic they first appeared in, who created them, and what year it was. Only a true nerd cares about that, not you. I'll just tell you why they are cool.

Also, since I have been a life long nerd, I've gotten plenty of crappy gifts, from well meaning people. People like you. Though why anyone would think a Batman fan would be interested in Star Trek toys is beyond me. And just because there's a Batman sticker on flash light, doesn't mean I want it. So there's the second reason I created this website. To protect people like me from crappy gifts, and to make you an awesome gift giver!

Now, I don't have every hero listed here (yet). Sorry about that, but as you may be learning, there are hundreds of superheroes! Heck, even when companies print books about all their characters (let alone characters from another company too), they often skip or forget some characters! So while I'll don't have everyone, I will being adding characters all the time. And I'll always have something up about the next big movie or TV show. As I write this, Iron Fist is just hitting Netflix and Wonder Woman is about to hit movie theaters. So yes, you can check them out.

Lastly, just by coming here let me say your nerd friend is impressed and touched that you have gone to all this trouble. Your a really great person, and they probably don't deserve you! So make sure to take a victory lap, when you impress them with your knowledge and gift!


Tom Fremgen


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