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AQUAMAN - "King of the Seven Seas"



Aquaman often gets maligned as the guy who can talk to fish. But let's face it, being able to breath underwater and swim at 100 knots is pretty cool. He's also the king of Atlantis, that's royal with a standing army at his command. So Aquaman isn't lame, he's just massively underestimated.

As the son of a light house keeper and a Princess of Atlantis, Arthur Curry was born a mutant. The crazy royal politics that drove his mother to the surface, also what took her away from him when he was a boy. Aquaman was unaware of his mothers background growing up, but he knew he was different right off the bat. Being extremely capable in bad situations forced him to become a superhero. Aquaman learned everything about his lineage when Atlantis came looking for the next in line for the throne. While not big on being a king, he does take the job very seriously.

With a successful superhero career, Aquaman became a founding member of the Justice League. He took other gifted Atlantians under his wing as crime fighting partners: Aqualad and Aquagirl. He would marry Mera, who is from another race of water breathers. In some stories they had a child, nick named Aquababy, who sadly was killed by the super villain Black Manta. Aquaman also has a jealous half-brother Orm (although through years of rewriting, their specific relationship is unclear). Orm is also the villain Ocean Master.

Aquaman, of course has the ability to communicate with any marine life, and command them to do his bidding. This is often shown as a form of telepathy. Along with swimming superhumanly fast, he has super strength, endurance and agility. He could easily pick-up a car and throw. Small caliber bullets will bounce off his skin.



Currently played by Jason Momoa, in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and JUSTICE LEAGUE, plus an upcoming AQUAMAN movie. So far little is known about Aquaman, except that he looks nothing like his comicbook self.


So they aren't into comicbooks?  Well they will dig this cute and hip figure.  It's by Funko Pop and all the cool kids love 'em.  This very trendy figures look great in an office cube or book shelf GOOD FOR KIDS.

Let them show their nerd pride, under the radar.  Only people who know, will know this an Aquaman ball-cap, like you.  Superhero fans love wearing stuff like this, and seeing who notices.! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is one of the best Aquaman stories to come out in recent years.  It redefined Aquaman for the modern era and is written by the man heading up DC's movies, Geoff Johns

This modern day classic by Geoff Johns.  It tells the tale of Aquaman being forced into becoming the king of Atlantis.  The Justice League joins in the fun too.  Any new fan to Aquaman will love this. GOOD FOR KIDS.

Here is the Aquaman classic, yet it's few years old, so not everyone has actually read it.  In the story Black Manta's actions kill Aquaman's son, the most tragic moment in Super-hero history.

While not the first stories of Aquaman from the 1940's.  This the famous redesign of Aquaman for the Silver Age.  It's the basis of everything Aquaman since, so much so no even remember the Golden Age Aquaman.  GOOD FOR KIDS.

If they own everything, chances are they don't own this.  This a reissue of the classic Mego Aquaman action figure from the 1970's.  These were the hottest toys until Star Wars. GOOD FOR KIDS

This a rare mini-statue from Schleich, a European company famous for high sculptured animal toys.  Having their artist turn to superheroes is pretty incredible.  Any Aquaman fan will love this.  GOOD FOR KIDS