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Baby Bobby


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Learn everything about your favorite superheroes without cracking one comicbook!  Get a look at the history of their publishing as well.  And it anything else, all the awesome artwork makes it a great coffee table book! GOOD FOR KIDS.

This is a bit silly, but totally cool at the same time.  It's the full Superman cast, with a bunch of villains.  Including Darkseid, DC's biggest villain, set to show up in movies soon.  So stick 'em on a cake, or cupcakes, or just decorate you cube with 'em! GOOD FOR KIDS

Are they just getting into super-heroes?  Well they should get a kick out of this, all of DC's main super-heroes lined-up in a periodic table, base on their relationships- villains too! GOOD FOR KIDS.

This is one of the best DC crossover tales, featuring all their big name heroes as they fight their greatest villain, Darkseid!  The story comes on the tail of a recent relaunch of the DCU, so each hero is spotlighted as a new hero. GOOD FOR KIDS.

This is the biography of the man most responsible for DC Comics.  Julius Schwartz helped reinvent the failed superhero market in the late 1950's and the world has never looked back.  If it wasn't for Julius' success, their would be no Marvel Comics either.

This a collect of stories by fan-fav writer Paul Dini and painter Alex Ross.  Each story focus on one classic hero, than everyone in a Justice League story of the ages.  The watercolor painted pages are just stunning with realism.  Everyone must have this book!  GOOD FOR KIDS.

Here's one over looked by the hardcore fans. A coloring book of many of DC's classic covers, by their top artists!  Adult coloring books are very trendy now, plus you can scan the pages and color them in your computer!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This for the guy that has everything, a S.T.A.R. Labs t-shirt.  S.T.A.R. Labs is DC's go to place for advanced tech.  It is currently featured in the TV series THE FLASH.  GOOD FOR KIDS