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BATMAN -"The Dark Knight"



Batman is one of the easiest characters to understand. His parents were killed by a mugger, so he devoted his life to bringing justice to the corrupt and deadly streets of Gotham City. He also just looks cool in his costume, cape, white eyes, pointy ears. Plus he can beat anyone up. Anyone!

After Bruce Wayne's wealthy parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed, he was raised by the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. When he became a teenager, the two travel the world so Bruce could learn all the skills he need to fight crime from the best: martial arts, acting, stage magic, disguise, espionage, science and technology and most important, to become a master detective. He then decided to become Batman, a creature of the night to prey upon criminals. To inflict the fear they inflict on their victims on them. While much of Gotham City is still corrupt, he often works with uncorruptible police commissioner Gordon.

As the legend of Batman grows, he comes in contact with many young people victimized by crime, and he ends up training them, and making them his partner: Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, etc. As he is one of the smartest superheroes around, he became a founding member of the Justice League.  All this even though he's not the friendliest superhero.

Of course, Batman has no superpowers, but thanks to his near obsession with fighting crime, his mere human skills are enough to defeat any superpowered foe. And thanks to his wealth and technical skill, he has an array of crime fighting weapons, the Bat-Computer, the Batmobile, the Batboat, the Batplane and more, all kept in his Batcave under his home, Wayne Manor. Then there's his utility belt, which holds anything he may need: Batrangs, rope, Bat-cuffs, smoke screens, knock-off gas, etc.



Currently played by Ben Affleck in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, SUICIDE SQUAD, JUSTICE LEAGUE and an upcoming BATMAN movie. We haven't seen much of Batman's career, even though he seems to have been at it a long time- even longer than Superman. All those years seemed to have been rough, with Joker killing Robin and Batman taking to branding criminals he caught. Fearing a global, otherworldly, threat, he is starting to become more of a team player and forms the Justice League.


So if they like Batman don't won't read a comicbook, give 'em this. This awesome book that will teach them more about Batman, than they thought they would ever know. Plus it will get them up to speed characters in new movies. And if anything else, the artwork makes it great to just flip through! GOOD FOR KIDS

So they love the Batman movies? Well be sure to get them this. Just tons of images and info about the last three great Batman movies starring Christian Bale. The director Christopher Nolan is often very tight lipped about his movies. So this here is a treasure trove!

Here is a Justice League book prefect for the budding Batman fan. Actually there are two stories in here, and both are very good. But the Bat-fan will be interested in Tower of Babel, as a villains uses Batman's own notes on how to defeat the League.

Batman Year One, this is a classic retelling of Batman's first year as Batman. All the current movies are based off this book. Any newbie will be glued to every page, of this gritty book, as both Gotham City and Bruce Wayne get used to Batman.

One of the best Batman artist ever is Don Newton, and this book puts together some of his best stories, including a famous battle with the League of Assassins, featuring the Bronze Tiger and the death of the original Batwoman. GOOD FOR KIDS

Batman Year Two, nearly everyone has Batman Year One, but not too many have Batman Year Two and it's great book as well. Batman deals with his first romance and has a crisis of conscience as he develops his code for not killing.

Next to the comicbook creators, the most important person in Batman's life is Michael Uslan. In the late 1970's he and his partner bought the film rights to Batman, and after banging his head on a brick wall 20 years, Hollywood finally made a movie. Since then he has been part of every Batman movie made! His biography, with behind the seen stories, is a must for any hardcore fan.

A Bat-Signal, any batfan would flip for this, and is something the hardcore fan has overlooked.  GOOD FOR KIDS