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THE BLACK PANTHER - "King of Wakanda"



He's the king of a technologically advanced African kingdom, it's spiritual leader, and it's first line of defense. And there is not much cooler than that. Trained since birth, T'Challa is one of the most bad@$$ fighters in the world. With his bare hands he can whip nearly any number of fighters and superpowered villains as well.

Wakanda is the only country in the world with the metal vibranium. This kinetic absorption material has allowed Wakanda to be the paragon of technology in the world for hundreds of years. Making them the only African nation never conquered by a colonial power. Wakanda is often depicted as typical rural African country, intersperse with futuristic buildings and cities. It's king, T'Chaka was killed by a soldier of fortunate, Ulysses Klaw, in an attempt to steal some vibranium. T'Chaka's young son, T'Challa managed to chase off Klaw (who would later become a supervillain called Klaw), and when old enough became the new king and Black Panther.

Hoping to prove his worth, the Black Panther challenged the Fantastic Four. Afterwards, he was accepted into the United States' superhero community and became a member of the Avengers. Not surprisingly, this puts a strain on his ability to be king. The Black Panther is often torn between saving the world as an Avenger and staying home to rule over and keep Wakanda safe.

The Black Panther has no superpowers, beyond his amazing physical abilities (sometimes aided by special herbs). Although, sometimes he arms himself with vibranium weapons. Note, Captain America's shield is made from vibranium.

The Black Panther lives in the royal palace with his Step-Mother Ramonda and his half-sister Shuri. For a short time Shuri became the Black Panther. Also for a short time, the Black Panther married Storm, of the X-Men.




Currently played by Chadwick Boseman in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and the upcoming BLACK PANTHER movie.  In the films, the Black Panther's father was never shown as the previous Black Panther.  And he was killed by Helmut Zemo, in a gambit to destroy the Avengers.


Every cool kid is loving these Fuko Pop figures.  This one is based on the Black Panther, from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.  It will look great in their cubical or room. GOOD FOR KIDS


Here's a sweet poster, any Black Panther fan will love to have on their wall.  Make it happen for them! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is one of the best runs of the Black Panther, writer by fan-fav Christoper Priest.  Blending awesome action and adventure with great diplomatic drama.  Any new fan will love it. GOOD FOR KIDS

Here is another must have for the newbie.  This book, drawn by fan-fav John Romita JR., gets to the heart of who the Black Panther is.  As he fights to save his country from forces within and without! GOOD FOR KIDS

After numerous guess-starring appearances, this is the Black Panther's first sole run.  Featuring two epic tales.  the first deals with a rebellion in Wakanda and the second deals with the Ku Klux Klan.  Rarely reprinted and must for any true fan. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is an often over looked book as the Black Panther and his new bride, Storm travel the four corners of the Marvel Universe.  Their diplomatic mission runs into trouble as the superheroes in the U.S.A are in the middle of a Civil War!  A must have book. GOOD FOR KIDS

Diehard fans love things that aren't totally recognizable to the average person.  And this t-shirt is it!  Designed to look like the Black Panther's costume from the upcoming movie.  They will love it!


This is a very popular mini-statue series that is a hit with fans, although often overlooked on th need to own list.  So pick this up for them, and they will be very happy you did! GOOD FOR KIDS