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CAPTAIN AMERICA - The Sentential of Liberty"



He's the walking, talking, fighting spirit of America. A man out of time, created in the 1940's to fight Nazis. Captain America, with his invincible shield, is often the team leader of the Avengers and fights for truth and justice everywhere he can.

Born Steve Rogers, the skinny fellow wanted to help fight the Axis powers in World War II, but after an exam he was classified 4-F, not qualified. Then he was recruited for an experimental super soldier program, which turned Steve Rogers into a super mass of man meat: Captain America. Of course, the scientist in charge was quickly killed, so no-one else could be a super soldier. Being the only one of his kind, he was re-branded as Captain America. With his non-super powered side-kick, Bucky, Cap helped win WWII for the good guys!

On his last mission, Cap fell into the Arctic Ocean and was frozen. His body was found by the Avengers in modern times and he was brought back to life. He quickly continued his fight for the truth, justice and democracy, even became the leader of the Avengers.

Thanks to the supersoldier serum, Captain America's body is human perfection. So while he has no “superpowers” per say, no normal human can be stronger, faster or tougher than he is. Combine with extensive combat training and a brilliant tactical mind, Captain America can defeat villains far more powerful than he is. He also carries a shield made out of vibranium, which absorbs kinetic energy. Meaning, it can even protect Cap from point blank cannon shots.

Captain America often works as a freelance artist and dates Shannon Carter. A relative Peggy Carter, his girlfriend from the 1940's (no, that's not creepy). In typical comicbook fashion, his side-kick Bucky, thought killed, became a supervillain, Winter Soldier.



Currently played by Chris Evans (who once played the Human Torch in the FANTASTIC FOUR), in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, THE AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and the upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. In the movies, Captain America is shown to be more superhuman and powerful than in the comics. It's unknown who made Cap's shield in the comics, but in the movies, it was Iron Man's father. They also made Cap a founding member of the Avengers, which is not the case in the comics.


If they aren't fans of comicbooks, they will love these Captain America to show off there geek pride.


Any Captain America fan will totally love this book about Captain America's latest movie.  Which featured nearly all the Avengers in an epic throw down.  Whose side were you on?  Iron Man or Captain America- you're friend was on Caps side.  GOOD FOR KIDS

After poping up in the Avengers, these are Captain America's first adventures by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Every Captain America fan needs to read this, as Captain America gets used to the modern era (1960's, eh) and renews his conflict with, the Red Skull! GOOD FOR KIDS

So how did Captain America's old partner Bucky Barners become a supervillain?  This is the story, which is the bases for the latest Captain America movies.  This is must read material for any new Captain America fan!

After Stan Lee and Jack Kirby reintroduced Captain America, super star writer artist Jim Steranko took over and Cap's battle with Hydra kicked into high gear.  Not too many people have this, but they should! GOOD FOR KIDS

Here are the original tales of Captain America, from the 1940's!  Written by Joe Simon, not Stan Lee.  Long before America even declared war on Nazi Germany, Captain America started without us!  These are just some crazy old timey stories, any fan of Captain America will enjoy reading. GOOD FOR KIDS

Any super Captain America fan will totally dig this cutting board.  Because you know, once they are done cutting up the salad, they will be throwing it around the living room.  Plus it will look great hanging on their kitchen wall!


Marvel trivia 101: Stan Lee did NOT create Captain America.  Superstar writer (back in the 1940's) Joe Simon did, drawn by a very young Jack Kirby.  Every diehard fan knows this to be true, but not all have read his story.  Any comicbook fan will love to hear the tales of the Golden Age of comics in this book! GOOD FOR KIDS