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As a half-robot/half-teenager who is connect to the internet 24/7. What teenage doesn't find that cool? While he is totally b@D@$$, with a ton of superpowers, Cyborg also has to deal with the fact that he is not normal and it makes him feel like a social outcast (or very more, as teenagers go).

Born Victor Stone, Cyborg was a promising young Olympic hopeful. Then an explosion in his parent's laboratory killed his mother and nearly killed him. His father managed to save Victor's life by turning him into a cyborg. Though Cyborg blames his father for the death of his mother and for turning him into a freak. Though their relationship was never good, since his father was against his athletic career.

It's at this point in the story when a bunch of re-writing takes place. Originally, Cyborg would go on to join the (New) Teen Titans. He making friends with the other teenage heroes (Raven, Changeling, Starfire, Robin, etc) and come to grips with his appearance. Even falling in love with a physical therapist, Sarah Simms.

In an effort to promote diversity, DC has now made Cyborg a founding member of the Justice League (replacing the Martian Manhunter). Unfortunately, he's lost all his friendships and is often alienated in the League for being so young. The explosion that crippled him was now caused by the villain Darkseid.

With his robotic body parts, Cyborg is super strong, resilient and fast. He is also armed with various lasers and a sonic cannon. With his computer brain, he can interface and run any electrical system. This computer is also connected to the internet at all times. With his new Darkseid (a New God) update, he can now teleport viva boomtubes (New God tech), as well.



Currently played by Ray Fisher in the movie JUSTICE LEAGUE. We have yet to see him in action, but it seems clear he is not the Teen Titan Cyborg.


Here's a collect of cute and sweet Teen Titans figures!  Featuring, of course Cyborg!  Any fan will love to have 'em! GOOD FOR KIDS


Here's a bit of a wacky one.  Before Cyborg was reformed into a Justice League, he appeared in the final season of the SuperFriends, rebranded the SuperPowers Team.  He's not on the cover, but he's in every episode!  Any Cyborg fan will be charmed by this.  GOOD FOR KIDS

Here is where it all started.  Cyborg first appeared in the New Titan Teens, but the superstar team of Marv Wolfman and George Perez.  It was the hottest book of the 1980's.  A must for any Cyborg fan. GOOD FOR KIDS

Cyborg hasn't gotten much play as a solo hero, so here is volume 2 of the New Teen Titans.  The series that created him, is also his best showcase!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This volume kicked off the next generation of Teen Titans, with Cyborg as the leader!  Any Cyborg fan will love it.  Written by superstar writer Geof Johns. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is an often missed series, as Cyborg strikes out on his own, chasing down a villain using his tech to create cyborg soldiers.  Any Cyborg fan will enjoy it! GOOD FOR KIDS

As they say, this isn't something you see every day!  Back in the 1970's, Mego was the toy company for superheroes.  Recently Toy Figure Co. has brought those classic toys back to life.  Adding ne figures like this Cyborg here.  A diehard fan will cut their leg off for this!  GOOD FOR KIDS


Just about everyone love these trendy figures from Funko Pop!  And here is Cyborg in his classic Teen Titan look.  A must for any diehard fan! GOOD FOR KIDS