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DR. STRANGE – "Sorcerer Supreme"



Dr. Strange is the sorcerer supreme, meaning when it comes to magic, he's the best, period. He spends all his time traveling through other dimensions and battling other worldly beings, to keep Earth safe. But he still found time to fall in love with a beautiful sorceress, Clea, as well.

Doctor Stephen Strange was brilliant surgeon and a jerk. When a car crash ruined his hands, he traveled the Earth looking for a cure. Soon he found himself at the feet of the sorcerer supreme, the Ancient One (calling him Jim or Bob just wouldn't do). Completing his training, the Ancient One died (of course), so Dr. Strange could take over the mantle of Earth's #1 mystical protect, the Sorcerer Supreme. And not as much as a jerk either.

While training with the Ancient One, Dr. Strange met fellow student Baron Mordo (a real European Baron). The Baron was obsessed with gaining power and won't you know it, soon became Dr. Strange's arch-nemesis. As he made several deals with the number one threat to the mortal world, the dread Dormammu! In fighting Dormammu, Dr. Strange would fall in love with his human looking niece Clea.

When it comes to magic each writer really just makes it up as they go along. So sometimes Dr. Strange can do anything, other times the so-called rules of magic prevent him from doing anything. So, as long as it won't end a story too quickly, Dr. Strange can do it. Anywhere Dr. Strange goes, he'll always have the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto with him (again, the eye does whatever a writer wants it too).

When not saving the world, Dr. Strange is hanging out in his Sanctum Sanctorum, with his valet Wong, in Greenwich Village, New York City.



Currently played by Benedict Cumberbatch in DOCTOR STRANGE. The biggest difference between the comics and the movie is the combat. In the movie there is a lot of mystical martial arts, in the comics Dr. Strange barely throws a punch (why should he when he can throw spells). His valet Wong, is much more of a fellow action hero in the movie. And his teacher the Ancient One had the deal with Dormammu, not Baron Mordo. Mordo is shown as a good guy in the movie.


Here is a great coffee table book, loaded with pictures at will explain everything about Dr. Strange.  Any new fans from the movie, who are not into comicbooks, will love it! GOOD FOR KIDS


Were they fans of the film?  Well this book will give them the behind the scenes look at everything great about it.  Interviews, stories and pictures galore!  Any fan will love it!  GOOD FOR KIDS

These are the original tales of Dr. Strange from the 1960's.  Featuring his first meetings with Baron Mordo, Dormmamu and his love interest, Clea.  By the classic team that brought you Spider-Man, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. GOOD FOR KIDS

This a great one for the new fan, Dr. Strange teaming up with Dr. Doom.  Marvel comics #1 bad guy!  This epic graphic novel has the two of them joining forces to fight the devil, and free Doom's mother from Hell! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is some great old school adventures with Dr. Strange.  As he battles his famous villains.  It also starts the classic run by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner, any Dr. Strange fan will love!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a must for Dr. Strange fans, as he must find oout who murder him!  Write by comic superstar Brian K. Vaughan.  This gem will please any fan! GOOD FOR KIDS

Here's a great new book about the man who co-created Dr. Strange, Steve Ditko!  Allow the person you are buying this for most likely believes he created the good Doctor by himself.  Either way, they will love this! GOOD FOR KIDS


Things just got real!  Any Doctor Strange fan is going to flip when when they see this!  The Eye of Agamotto, as it looked in the movie.  This is a serious must have for a Dr. Strange fan! GOOD FOR KIDS