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Often is the question, whose faster, who's smarter, and who's uglier.  To help answer these questions we created this list!  Although, remember it's all suggestive.  As Stan Lee, the guy who helped create Marvel Comics, said, "Who can beat who in a fight?  It all depends on the story I'm trying to tell.  So just be sure to have fun, while you are arguing!

Strongest Superhero: Superman

Although the Hulk has the ability to become stronger. As the Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets, so who knows where his limit is.

Fastest Superhero: The Flash

There's the argument that Superman or the Silver Surfer is faster when they fly, but the land speed record belongs to the Flash, who can run and think faster than the speed of light.

Most Powerful Superhero: The Spectre

Relativity speaking, the Spectre has is as powerful as god. His one weakness is his human mind, so he can be tricked, and make mistakes like anyone else.

Best Fighter: Karate Kid

This 31st Century Legionnaire has even manage to best Superboy (full power Superboy) and punch-out a force field. As for the best in modern day, that would be Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Smartest Superhero: Brainiac Five

This 31st Century Legionnaire's brain power even dwarves his descendant, the original Brainiac (a Superman villain). He's created a time traveling bubble, a flight ring, and an impenetrable force field belt. As for the smartest man in modern day, that would be Mr. Fantastic as he is often doing things so far advanced they are always getting out of control.

Most Powerful Esper: Jean Grey

While Legion is considered the most powerful telekinetic, and Professor X is considered the most power telepath, X-Men Marvel Girl, aka Jean Grey can easily match both of them. Most of her X-Men training has been for damping her powers.

The Richest Superhero: Iron Man

Not only does Iron Man fund his global company, everything Iron Man, his playboy lifestyle, but fully funds the Avengers too! Batman would be second, but even after paying for the Justice League, being Iron Man cost more than being Batman.

Fattest Superhero: Big Bertha

This Great Lake Avenger's superpower is to get fat! She's been recorded at 750lbs, but could probably go higher.

Lamest Superhero: Color Boy

Everyone has their favorite, but for a serious character that actually helped save the world from time to time, no one can beat Color Boy. This 31st Century Superheroes sole superpower is to change the color of things- that's it!