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GREEN LANTERN - John Stewart



Stewart is a bad@$$ military man. He goes by the book and don't take no lip. He's just a text book old fashion action hero, with a powering. And his power ring, is basically a magic wand, it can do just about anything. Who wouldn't want a power ring?!

Hal Jordon was picked to be the Green Lantern of Earth, but whenever he couldn't do the job, John Stewart was his back-up. Stewart grew up in Harlem, to a poor family. As often is the case, he joined the Marines for a better life. While still in the Marines, he was contacted by the Guardians of the Universe to be the back-up Green Lantern. Stewart agreed, but didn't believe in secret identities, he wanted everyone to know who he was (the Guardians didn't care). When Hal quit being a Green Lantern and John went full time. Then for reasons way to difficult to explain, John got to remain a Green Lantern when Hal became a Green Lantern again too.

Although Stewart is a great Green Lantern, hubris got the better of him and an entire planet was destroyed. He is forever haunted by this mistake. In making amends, Stewart acted as mayor and marshal of the Mosaic World. A collect of stolen cities from different worlds.

No longer a Marine, John works as an architect, when not saving the Universe. And he married a fellow female alien Green Lantern named Katma Tui.



John Stewart hasn't appeared in film yet.  Although he has appeared in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon shows.


This is a great looking t-shirt, just covered in Green Lanterns, including John Stewart!  The artwork is by superstar painter Alex Ross.  Any John Stewart fan will be glad to see John get some love here! GOOD FOR KIDS

What Green Lantern fan doesn't want a Green Lantern!?  This is a great costume ring sure to please.  It's not of the highest quality, but it looks great and is very wearable!  GOOD FOR KIDS

John had been seen several times before, but this was the big one which made him a house hold name.  Hal Jordan had quit being a Green Lantern, and John becomes the man!  And he never looked back.  Any fan will love this! GOOD FOR KIDS

This story features a war in the Green Lantern Corps itself.  As John Stewart joins Hal and Guy to save the Corps! GOOD FOR KIDS.

This one is mandatory reading for a John Stewart fan, as it's events transform John's life!  In this somewhat forgotten epic struggle starring Darkseid, John's actions cause the destruction of a world.  Deep thinking in here.

John Stewart has a great team-up with Guy Gardner and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, written by fan fav, Pete J. Tomasi! GOOD FOR KIDS.

Here one that's cool for any Green Lantern fan, a kids bank that doubles for the Green Lantern 'lantern' power battery.  It will go great with their ring, which I'm sure they already have!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Here's a great Green Lantern logo for their car!