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Who doesn't love a group of quirky misfits in space? The Guardians are made up of very colorful characters, who aren't really interesting by themselves, but are very entertaining as they play off each other. They spend their time bricking with each other, getting in way over their head, and usually saving the day as well!

Originally formed as a resistant squad during an intergalactic war, Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Phya-Vell and Adam Warlock (the tree alien Groot woud join later) would continue to adventure together as a mercenary team, the Guardian of the Galaxy. Their main hope is to help prevent another intergalactic war from happening. Which doesn't always work out. While they are often in the middle of any interplanetary mix-up, they have no allegiance to any world government. Though they spend a lot of time dealing with the Kree Empire.

The team spends most of their time on their ship, traveling from place to place. The rest of the time they hang out in the seedy community that sprung up in giant dead space gods' head (a Celestial), Knowwhere.

Note: Originally there was another Guardians of the Galaxy. This was a group of freedom fighters operating in the 31st century. Of course, they appeared in the 21st century from time-to-time, because that's comics. But most people have forgotten about them, in favor of this new, more popular group.



In the movie, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the team's creation is based on the Thanos' mission to acquire the infinity stones. The villain for the film is Ronan, a Kree warrior, who in the comicbooks has been an ally to the Guardians (years earlier he was more villainous in FANTASTIC FOUR comics). The film also told of a feud between the Kree and Xanda (home of the Nova Corps), which doesn't exist in the comics. And Xanda is a long dead world.


As the new movie hits the themes, this great book will celebrate everything about it!  Showcasing all the great artwork and the story of putting the movie together.  Any Guardians fan will love this! GOOD FOR KIDS


In case you didn't know, everyone frick'n love baby Groot!  And what fan of the movies doesn't want one of their own?  Even when they get tired of watching him dance, he'll look great on their fire place mantel!   GOOD FOR KIDS

Note this says volume 3, but it is the main event.  The first two volumes are the extended prologue.  That said, this is the story that started it all, Thanos, Ronan, and Drax the Destory, plus many others.  Any new fan of the Guardians will love this first, epic tale! GOOD FOR KIDS

And this volume is where it officially all started!  This is the first story that turned the Guardians of the Galaxy into a big deal, that became a huge hit in Hollywood.  New fans will love it! GOOD FOR KIDS

This story focus on Marvel's original cosmic characters, Adam Warlock and Thanos!  But the Guardians of the Galaxy are along for the ride as well.  As they all take on Annihilus, the bug emperor from the Negative Zone.  Written and drawn by the creator of Thanos, Jim Starlin!  They will love it!

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, there was this crossover event, which first brought all the characters together!  Every Guardian fan needs to read this!  Note: This Book 2 is the main a event, Book 1 is the prologue.  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a cool little book that explains everything cosmic about the Marvel Universe.  Mind you, a diehard fan will probably know most of it- but not all of it.  Plus the art work is great.  So they will easily enjoy this handy refernece guide! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is nerdy little t-shirt, understated which is something most fans love.  The date refers to the original team, which I told you about above.  So that makes it extra nerdy!  They'll love it!  GOOD FOR KIDS