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Harley Quinn is simply bug nutz crazy, a total id character. Originally, she was psychologist for the criminally insane. One day she was assigned to work with the Joker, but instead of turning him sane, he turned her insane. And now she's completely head over heels in love with him and his number one partner in crime and mayhem.

A funny thing to note about the character Harley Quinn, is that she was created in the cartoon series BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, not it the comicbook. She proved so popular, they added her to the comicbooks. Eventually getting her own series. The other interesting thing about Harley Quinn, is she is the poster child for feminine rebellion and girl power, even though her history makes her a text book example of a victimized girlfriend. While Joker enjoys her company, and reckless enthusiasm, he really doesn't care about her. He doesn't go out of his way to harm her, but if she's standing too close to a bomb, oh well. More recently, she has broken up with the Joker, becoming more of her own person, and joined, well forced to join the Suicide Squad.

Her best friend, so to speak, is Poison Ivy. The two enjoy girls nights out and shopping sprees together, leaving Gotham City a mess in their wake. She is also fondness of hyenas. When she has some as pets, she refers to them as her babies.

Harley Quinn doesn't have any superpowers, but is a top level athlete, acrobat and street brawler. Her favorite weapon of choice is a comically sized mallet, though she keeps an array of guns, knives and explosive on hand at all times.



Currently played by Margot Robbie in the SUICIDE SQUAD film and possible a HARLEY QUINN movie. Harley Quinn in the movie is pretty close to the Harley Quinn of the comics and cartoons. One difference would be on how Joker treats her. He actually seems to care about her in the film.


This will make a lot of Harley Quinn fans happy.  While they probably can't wear this to the office, they won't mind.  This is the shirt Harley Quinn worth in the Suicide Squad movie! GOOD FOR KIDS


Here is one of the very trendy Funko Pop figures featuring Harley Quinn in her original cartoon costume!  Many fans prefer it to her new look! GOOD FOR KIDS

This collect of stories features the origin of Harley Quinn!  It is a must read for any new fan of Harley Quinn.  Created by her animation creators, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm GOOD FOR KIDS

Another great one for the new fan!  Harley Quinn teams-up with her best bud, Poison Ivy for tons of trouble.  Written by her creator, fan fav Paul Dini and creator artist, Bruce Timm.  They will be so happy! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a great tale many fans may have missed!  Again written by Harley Quinn's creator, Paul Dini.  Here Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn all try to reform from crime.  It doesn't go well, and any fan will love it! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is Harley Quinn's first adventures by herself in comics.  Drawn by fan favs Terry and Rachel Dodson!  A must for any fan, who probably missed it!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Whenever her clown hammer isn't available, a simple baseball bat will do!  This a replica of the bat she used in the Suicide Squad movie.  Any diehard fan will flip for it!  GOOD FOR KIDS


Not for everyone of course, but this is sure to put a smile on the face of any non-child fan of Harley Quinn.  It allows them to cos-play with something that can be worn comfortably around the home! They will love it!