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Welcome to the Super-Nerd Gift Guide!
A superhero gift guide.

Well it finally happened, you have to know something about superheroes!  It was bound to happen, superheroes are everywhere these days.  But don't worry, simply type in the name of the hero you'd like to know something about, and we'll tell you why they are cool.  In 300 words or less, promise!

Plus we will give you ideas for the best gifts for fans of each hero.  And not lame gifts that just have the hero's logo on it.  Gifts that will make them think you know what you are doing!


Search for a superhero and get gift ideas:

Whose trending........

Please note that we have broke things up into categories.
DIEHARD - These people eat, breath and sleep comicbooks

FANS - These people buy comicbooks and don't brag about owning everything.

NEWBIE - These are new fans, they love the character, and are eager to learn anything about them.but don't really know much about them.

COOL KID - These people like superheroes, but will not read a comicbook, TV and movies only.

Lastly, each item will be marked as GOOD FOR KIDS, if it is kid friendly.  If something is not GOOD FOR KIDS, consider it PG-13 or 'worse'!