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IRON FIST - "The Living Weapon"



Iron Fist is the son of a billionaire and one of the world's greatest martial artists. He often deals with balancing the material world (being rich) and the spiritual world (being very spiritual)- hard life huh? Focusing his chi (body energy), he can super-charge his hands, giving him the ability to smash anything with his fists.

As you might expect, Iron Fist has a meta-physical history. Born Daniel Rand, Iron Fist's father was next in line for the throne of the mythical city, K'un-L'un. But chase out by his jealous brother, Iron Fist's father became a successful business man instead. After Daniel was born, his father attempted to return the family to K'un-L'un. But thanks to his jealous business partner, Iron Fist's parents died on the trip. Still, young Danny made it to K'un-L'un, where he as accepted and trained in the martial arts. Defeating the dragon Shou-Lao, and plunging his hands into it's molten heart, Danny became Iron Fist. Returning to the regular world, Iron Fist confronted his father's killer and claimed the company. The man's daughter, Joy Meachum, believed Iron Fist killed her dad. But once she had learn he did not, she became Iron Fist's business partner.

Iron Fist is one of the world's great martial artists. With the “Iron Fist” technique, he has super-human striking power, when desired. He is also capable other yogi like feats, as his spirit, mind and body are one.

As trouble always seems to find him, Iron Fist became a superhero, of sorts. Teaming up with Power Man (Luke Cage) to form Heroes For Hire. In an effort to help bring justice to the street. He's been romantically involved with former cop, turned private detective Misty Knight.



Currently played by British actor, Finn Jones, in the Netflix series IRON FIST.  Probably the biggest change is the involvement of the Hand.  Which was never in the comics.  The Iron Fist now exist to fight the Hand and the Hand have corrupted Rand Enterprises.  Oh, and Joy Meachum now has a brother Ward.


Just about everyone loves these very trendy Funko Pop figures.  Even if they aren't into comicbooks, they will enjoy seeing this guy on their shelf!  GOOD FOR KIDS


I usually don't recommend t-shirts with hero logos, but very few people know this is Iron Fist logo!  And that's what fans love, things that only other fans get!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a must for the newbies.  Superstar writer Ed Brubaker reintroduces Iron Fist to the modern world.  Floowed up by fan fav Matt Fraction's work.  This will give any fan a good kick in the pants! GOOD FOR KIDS

These are the adventures that made Iron Fist a household name- to comicbook fans.  After both Power Man and Iron Fist books were getting cancelled, Marvel put them together in the same book.  And the buddy epic was born! GOOD FOR KIDS.

This a volume often over looked by current fans.  Inbetween "Power Man and Iron Fist" and "The Immortal Iron Fist"there was "The Return of K'un L'un"  As the story deals with Iron Fist's long lost sister.  Fans will dig it!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Every Iron Fist fan should have this, it's a collect of his first adventures before he hooked up with Power Man.  With most of the art work by the superstar vetern Gil Kane.  GOOD FOR KIDS.

Here's a great glass set featuring Iron Fist and his logo.  Any Diehard fan will love it!


This is another awesome sculpture from the fan fav Marvel Fact Files.  It's sure to make any Iron Fist fan, very happy indeed!