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IRON MAN - "The Golden Avenger"



He's super smart, super rich, and super handsome. Not only does he play by his own rules, he right 'em as well. And when he's not his billionaire-self Tony Stark, he's Iron Man. One of the most b@d@$$ superheroes in a high tech suit of armor.

Originally a weapons manufacturer, Tony Stark was captured by enemy forces (the war changes based on the time period). The badguys wanted him to build weapons for them, but instead he builds his first Iron Man suit and escaped. Feeling he can do more for the greater good, and protect his assets, he becomes Iron Man. As well as continuing to run his global tech empire, he becomes a founding member of the Avengers, financing them as well.

Tony, of course has no superpowers, aside from being totally brilliant. Originally Tony needed to wear the suit for health reasons (a weak heart), but no longer. In the Iron Man suit, he can flight across country or into outer space, firing his patented, Repulsor Rays, from his hands. The suit is also armed with numerous rockets and gadgets that can do just about anything. Plus an A.I. system to monitor everything he can't. He even has armors for specific applications: stealth, under water, outer space, fighting the Hulk, etc.

Iron Man's best bud is his former security manager, James Rhodes. Rhody would often take Tony's place in the Iron Man suit from time-to-time, until getting his own suit, called War Machine. Iron Man is also friends with his long time employees Happy Hogan and Pepper Pots (whom he has dated often). His best friends are probably Captain America and Thor, although they often bump heads and fight, which is common among superheroes, go fig.




Currently played by Robert Downey Jr. in IRON MAN, IRON MAN II, THE AVENGERS, IRON MAN III, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and the upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Iron Man is more of an egotistical jerk in the movies (although a lovable one), than in the comics. The comicbook, Iron Man is much more suave and James Bond like. In the movies, Tony Stark's role as Iron Man is public knowledge. Until recently, in the comics, the public believed Iron Man was just Stark's employee and bodyguard.


This is a nice looking all over t-shirt of Iron Man's armor.  For the times when this nerd can let it all hang out!  


Does your friend like anime too?  Well yes or no, this is worth watching.  A full season of Iron Man animation made for Japan (don't worry, it's in English here).  Any geek fan will love to have this! GOOD FOR KIDS

This a classic and epic Iron Man story!  Bad guys have stolen Iron Man's tech and sold it to everyone.  Now Iron Man goes on a cursade to recapture his tech, taking on every armored opponent in the world! GOOD FOR KIDS

These are the first Iron Man stories.  Featuring his first villains, including the Black Widow, and how his armor advanced from clunky grey to sleek red and gold!  A must for any Iron Man fan. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is the must read by any Iron Man fan, featuring his bout with alcoholism!  Dark stuff indeed, and touched upon in the second Iron Man movie.  It also features the first time Rhody wears the Iron Man suit, as Tony is unfit!

Here's one for all the Iron Man fans, some of his classic orignial tales, including his first battle with the Titanium Man!  He's bigger, stronger, faster and works for the U.S.S.R.!  Plus this features other great tales by Stan Lee himself!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is sweet t-shirt with the Stark logo on it.  Everyone will know your a diehard Iron Man fan with this t-shirt, as it's is Iron Man's company!  GOOD FOR KIDS


How sweet is this?  Very, as it features tiny Iron Man inside his big bad Hulk-Buster Iron Man suit.  You are sure to pop some eyeballs when your diehard fan sees this!  GOOD FOR KIDS