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MARVEL COMICS a.k.a. Timely Comics



Marvel is the comicbook company that owns and publishes such characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, not to mention the Avengers and the X-Men. Marvel was recently purchased by the Walt Disney Company. Although, before superhero movies were all the rage, or Marvel had the ability to make their own movies, they licensed out many of their top heroes: Spider-man, X-Men (Sony) and the Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox). So Disney can not make movies of these characters, without permission.

Marvel, was originally Timely Publications back in 1939. They were jumping on the superhero bandwagon created by DC, with their first comicbook: Marvel Comics #1 (although they quickly changed the title to Marvel Mystery Comics). It featured the Human Torch and the Submariner. Their biggest hit was Captain America, coming out in 1941. When the superhero fad died out, they changed their name to Atlas Comics in 1951 (Timely owner Martin Goodman also own Atlas News Company). Then when DC Comics was getting success with superheroes again, they changed the name again, to Marvel Comics in 1961. Under the guidance of writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, Marvel exploded on the scene, in what was called the Marvel Age.

As the story goes, Stan and Jack were tapped to create a superhero team to match the success of DC's Justice League of America. Famously, they created a team of very un-classic heroes instead. No costumes (although that didn't last), no secret identities, they weren't prefect and they argued, they were the Fantastic Four and boy were they a hit. By the mid 1970's Marvel became the top comicbook company in America. In the late 70's, a relaunch of the X-Men would become one of the most successful titles ever. And they help to keep Marvel #1 to this day.



Creating their own movie studio through a financial deal with Merrill Lynch in 2005, the Marvel Cinematic universe was born.  After a string of successful movies, each one building on the last, Disney bought Marvel lock, stock and barrel in 2009.  Since then, Marvel has become the most successful movie franchise with 14 movies in just eight years.  All the movies are overseen by producer Kevin Feige. 


So they aren't into comicbooks?  Well how about a book about the guy who started the whole thing?  That old guy who gets a cameo in every movie: Stan 'The Man' Lee.  in here are great stories of creating the comics and creating the movies. GOOD FOR KIDS

Movie fans will flip for this, just an awesome coffee table book with great images.  Recommend they keep the book handy, next time they watch one of the movies at home! GOOD FOR KIDS

Does you new comic fan also have an artistic side themselves?  Then this is their book as every, seriously every comicbook pro started with this book!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is the big one, the 12 issue giant cross-over featuring all the major Marvel heroes and their villains.  Any new fan will lose their mind over this book! GOOD FOR KIDS.

While they maybe up on every current comicbook, chances are they haven't read much of the early days.  In this volume they get to read the first issues of all of Marvel's greats!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This a collect of stories by fan-fav This was the sleeper hit that launched the career of the comic painter Alex Ross.  While it was a must have years ago, it has fallen off people's radar.  It tells the story of the Marvel Age, through the eyes of a normal news photographer.

Before Disney made it all their's, Marvel, the number one comicbook company for 20 some years filed for bankruptcy!  This is the story of the crazy legal battle.  Any hardcore fan deserves to know what happened.

This one is a bit goofy, but what hardcore Marvel fan could say no to this.  Just pour in the hot water (or more likely coffee) and see the Marvel U come to life in front of you!