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The Punisher is basically a hardcore vigilante in the Marvel Universe. He's a tough soldier who's family was killed by crime, and now he was declared war on crime, and he's not taking any prisoners.

Frank Castle was a decorated soldier, serving many tours of duty. After finally being discharged, Frank with his wife and daughter were having a picnic in Central Park. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon a drug murder and the gangsters turned their guns on them, to prevent witnesses. Only Frank barely survived, fingering the mobsters. But being well connected, even with Frank as a witness, the mobsters were never convicted. This is when Frank decided to take the law into his own hands. After killing all the men responsible for his families death, he decided to keep it up.

The Punisher has no superpowers, but thanks to his military training, which he excelled at, he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. With no social life at all, the Punisher spends all his time tracking down criminals and killing them. Which he is very good at.

The Punisher is a wanted criminal, but most superheroes turn a blind eye to him. As he has helped them in the past and they trust him to never endanger innocent lives in his war on crime. But that doesn't stop them from bumping heads and punching it out every now and then. The closet thing he has to a friend is a gun-mech named Microchip. He helps the Punisher get his hands on weapons, and helped build his 'war-wagon' van (a mobile head quarters). Although true to most form comics, Mircochip eventually becomes a villain, and Frank has to kill.



Three different actors have played the Punisher in there different movies (1989, 2001, 2008). Since none of them were considered successes, it's doubtful we'll see another Punisher movie anytime soon.


Currently played by Jon Bernthal in the Netflix series DARE DEVIL.  This is the most successful Punisher on film yet. So far he's pretty faithful to the comicbook version, although the killing of his family was now caused by a botched police sting. Opposed to a straight-up drug gang war.


No Punisher fan can be complete without a Punisher t-shirt.  It's one of the few times a logo t-shirt is mandatory for the fan! 


Every Punisher fan loves the skull logo and a metal chain is pretty damn cool.

While not the Punisher first appear, it's his first time as the hero of a story.  Longer is he chased by superheroes. Any new Punisher fan will love this series!

Here's a modern classic drawn by fan fav Steve Dillion.  It will have any new reader on the edge of the seat.  They will love it! GOOD FOR KIDS

Marvel's MAX line was a more hardcore and adult line of comics.  And writer Garth Ennis is the king of that.  No Punisher fan should miss this series!

Three of Marvel's most hardcore heroes in one story.  Many fans missed this, but they shouldn't have.  So make them happy and get it for them!

Here's a great one for every fan, a collect of all the team-ups between the Punisher and Wolverine.  And more often then not they are slugging it out!

Here's the ultimate Punisher coffee mug, only a diehard fan will love!