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SUPERGIRL - "Maid of Steel"



She's the younger cousin of Superman. She's a much more energetic and youthful superheroine, with all his powers. Also, unlike Superman, she remembers growing up on Krypton.

Supergirl was born Kara Zor-el, to Zor-el (brother of Superman's father Jor-el) and Alura on the planet Krypton. While a tween, Krypton exploded and her father sent her to Earth, ala Superman. Unfortunately, on the way there, her path got mixed-up and thanks to faster than light speed / time relativity she arrived on Earth a good twenty years or more after Superman. Although herself still a tween. Superman brought her to his adoptive parents, the Kents and they finished raising her. They told everyone that she was Clark Kent's cousin, Linda Lee Danvers, and she started wearing a brown wig.

For years Superman kept Supergirl hidden from the public, as he trained her. But like any teenager, she was always pushing to get out into the world. Oddly enough, she never joined the Teen Titans and was always considered to too young to join the Justice League.

Being a Kryptonian like Superman, Supergirl is basically a giant solar battery, under our yellow sun (Krypton's Sun was red). She can fly at super speeds, has vast super strength, is highly invincible, has telescopic, microscopic, heat, and x-ray visions, plus super-breath, freezing-breath, super-hearing, super-smell, and super-ventriloquism.

Supergirl's personal life has been a string of different career paths and boyfriend after graduating college and getting out from under Superman's wing (having lots of different writers doesn't help). Although, she has a deep reverence for the good will and trust Superman has created. She believes following in Superman's foot steps is the best way to honor their lost family and world. More recently Supergirl has decided to go by just Kara and ditch the brown wig.



Currently, being played by Melissa Benoist in SUPERGIRL. Since the show has proven so popular, many of the changes they have made to Supergirl are now being written into the comic. As in Supergirl being raised by Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, with an adoptive sister Alex. Working as a budding journalist and with the Department of Extra-Normal Operations to keep the world safe from malevolent aliens. Her adoptive sister, Alex, also works at the DEO, and killed her Kryptonian mom's twin sister Astra. Astra is new as well, and was a Phantom Zone villain.


Well they say Superman earrings, but there is no different's between Superman's 'S' and Supergirl's 'S'.  So this great set of earrings should please both fans!


I normally don't recommend videos, but this is a well forgotten movie, made back in the 80's, when Christopher Reeves was still playing Superman.  By all accounts it's a bad movie, so bad it's good.  Any hipster should enjoy the irony of owning such a bad movie GOOD FOR KIDS  who will probably enjoy it.

This is an icon run on Supergirl from the 90's.  It's the series that made the maid of steel popular for the modern era and assured that she will always have a series.  Any new fan will love it! GOOD FOR KIDS

These are the newest adventures of Supergirl, which are now more heavy based on the current TV show.  Any fan of the show will enjoy this.  As will any Supergirl fan.  GOOD FOR KIDS

Believe it or not, but Supergirl original had trouble supporting her own comic, until this run.  The Daring Adventures of Supergirl gave Supergirl more purpose and fans that ever before.  It's often over looked, but much beloved. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a collect of Supergirls first stories from the 1950's.  Any Supergirl fan must have a copy of this.  As new comics keep getting pumped out, it easy for a fan to forget the originals.  So make sure they don't!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Superstar artist Darwyn Cooke always had a flare for the Silver Age, and this action figure, based on his design proves it!  It's Supergirl in her original costume with Krypto the Super-Dog and Streaky the Super-Cat for extra fun!  This is a must have for the Die Hard fan! GOOD FOR KIDS

These guys already own the movie, but do they own the soundtrack?  Very doubtful.  It is often considered the best thing about the movie.  Composed by Jerry Goldsmith, an 18 times nominated and one time Academy Award winner.  You're die fan should be tickled pink when they see this!