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SUPERMAN - "Man of Steel"



Superman is the first and the greatest superhero of all time, seriously. If you are in a burning building or about to be killed by aliens, what superhero do you want showing up? Hint: Superman. He's the most kind hearted, good natured and most powerful superhero around.

Superman is actually an alien from the planet Krypton. He was sent to Earth as a baby just before the planet blew-up killing everyone. Well almost everyone, his cousin Supergirl survived as well. Plus there are a bunch of bad guy trapped in the Phantom Zone (a ghost like dimension). Superman grew-up on a farmer, with Jonathan and Martha Kent for parents. Not knowing his Kryptonian name, Kal-el, they named him Clark Kent. Superman's birth parent's were scientists, Jor-el and Lara.

It turns out a Kryptonian's body is like a giant solar battery, and our yellow sun fills him with so much energy, it manifests as superpowers. The guy can fly fast enough to break the time barrier, strong enough to lift oil tankers over his head, and nothing short of an atomic bomb can mess his hair. Plus he's got telescopic-vision, microscopic-vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, super-breath, freezing-breath, super-hearing, super-smell and super-ventriloquism (he's awesome at parties).

When he's not Superman, he's Clark Kent, just your average reporter for the Daily Planet (Clark used to be a bit of a dork, but now he's more an average guy). His girlfriend is Lois Lane, the ace reporter for the Daily Planet (depending on the story, sometimes they are dating, sometimes their married, sometimes he just pines for her).

As the superhero all the other superheroes look up too (well except Batman), Superman helped form the Justice League and is famous the world over.



Currently, Superman is being played by British actor Henry Cavill in the movies MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and JUSTICE LEAGUE. In a effort to make things more realistic, Superman is not celebrated as a hero, but is mostly feared and mistrusted. His adoptive father, Jonathan Kent taught him the difference between right and wrong, but also taught him to be weary of anyone who knows he's not normal. Superman also kills the villain in MAN OF STEEL, something he has only done like three times in his 78 year career in comics.


Currently, Superman is being played by Tyler Hoechlin, as a guest-star on SUPERGIRL Not much is known about Superman, as the show centers on his cousin, Supergirl.


This is a cool key chain based on the Superman's Kryptonian key from the movie, MAN OF STEEL.  nearly any Superman fan will love this, even if they didn't like the movie, becasue it's just cool!


I normally don't recommend videos, but this is just a great Superman doc, covering everything up to SUPERMAN RETURNS, as it was created by that movies director Bryan Singer.  Every Superman fan needs to see it, it's just great. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is classic telling of Superman's origin, as retold by comicbook superstar John Byrne.  While details have changed over the years, this simple tale, which covers Superman's first year of being Superman is must for any new Superman fans.  GOOD FOR KIDS

This is one of the best DC crossover tales, featuring all their big name heroes as they fight their greatest villain, Darkseid!  The story comes on the tail of a recent relaunch of the DCU, so each hero is spotlighted as a new hero. GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a classic forgotten tale from the 1970's.  Classic Superman artist, Curt Swan and top writer Denny O'Neil wanted to shake things up with this story, making Superman immune to Kryptonite.  Many know this story, few have actually read it.  GOOD FOR KIDS

It's always good to make sure you know where you came from, and these are the very first comics of Superman from the late 1930's.  They are a must for any Superman, but often over looked.  GOOD FOR KIDS

They may own just about everything, but not this Rock'em Sock'em Robot version of Batman vs Superman, based on the movie.  Any Superman fan will get a kick out of this, and it will look great on the book shelf to boot.  GOOD FOR KIDS


This is for super-geeks only.  While the pictures are nice, the contents in here will scare any non-comicbook fan, it's just too much.  Which makes it perfect for the guy or gal who has everything.  There is now nothing they don't know about Superman's 78 year history!