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THE HULK - The Jade Giant



He's a big green cathartic ball of aggressive release. Whenever anything gets scientist Bruce Banner, mad or upset he can turn into the Hulk, often not by choice and then it's on like Donkey Kong. As he can whip just about anything with his limitless strength.

It started when Dr. Bruce Banner invented a gamma bomb. While testing it, he pushed a trespassing teenager, Rick Jones, away from the blast, but got caught in it himself. Somehow he managed to survive the blast, but his now gamma radiated body transformers into the Hulk, with it's own personality, in stressful situations (yeah, none of that makes a lick of sense). Like a modern day Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Banner always worries what the Hulk will do.

In turn, the Hulk isn't fond of Banner, but actually the Hulk is a gentle soul, with a really, really short fuse. More often then not, he just wishes to be left alone. In an effort to prove he is not a monster, he was a founding member of the Avengers. It didn't last long.

Bruce Banner is very smart, but the Hulk usually has the mentality of a five year old. Still, he is the strongest thing to walk the Earth. No limit has been show to his strength, as the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. He can leap hundred miles, toss a tank like a baseball, slap his hands together to create a powerful shock wave, and nothing less than a rocket blast could mess his hair.

The Hulk is kind to Bruce Banner's girlfriend Betty Ross, and Rick Jones. Who is Bruce and the Hulk's best friend. Betty's father, General “thunderbolt” Ross, is not a fan of the Hulk, and is always leading military units against him.



The Hulk is currently a cgi creation, although Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner and provides the voice (and motion capture) for the Hulk in THE AVENGERS, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, THOR: RAGNAROK, and the up coming AVENGER: INFINITY WAR. The Hulk has actually had two other recent movies, each time played by a different actor, with a slightly different origin. It's a bit unclear which origin, if either is correct. Although it seem the Gamma Bomb concept is out, and it's now some kind of Gamma Ray experiment. As S.H.I.E.L.D. was interested in recruiting the Hulk for the Avengers, the army pretty much leaves him alone, and S.H.I.E.L.D. just shadows him. Banner has also shown he has a certain degree of control of turning into the Hulk, as he says, “He is always angry.” The Hulk is more like a toddler too, as he can't talk, even though he can in the comics.


This is one not to be missed!  It's great animated adaption of one of the best Hulk stories, Planet Hulk!  The Hulk is exiled from Earth and whines up on a advanced Roman Empire like planet.  As he fights like a gladiator, he becomes the hero of the whole planet!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Not into comics huh?  Well they will still dig this great info and art book on the Hulk!  Learn who all his villains are and who all his love interests are.  Then they can be a know-it-all for the next movie!  GOOD FOR KIDS

If there is anything Hulk fans like it's a slugfest with the Thing!  And this book collects the best of them!  Any new fan will love this! GOOD FOR KIDS

The heroes of Earth exiled the Hulk.  And now the Hulk is back with a serious mad on!  See the Hulk madder than he's ever been taking on every other superhero!  New fans of the Hulk will eat this up with a spoon! GOOD FOR KIDS.

This is a great retelling of the Hulk's origin by fan favs Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.  When the Hulk was first published, for one 

This book actually has two stories, "The End" which features the Hulk as the last man on Earth and "Imperfect Future.  Which is about the Hulk traveling forward in time, discovering he will conquer the world!  They are both older classic stories every Hulk will love!  GOOD FOR KIDS.

Heavy metal Hulk!  This one of a kind collectible should impress the hard to impress Hulk fans.  Just him as a paperweight, or just keep him shiny on the shelf!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Before he was a cgi creature in the movies, the body builder Lou Ferrigno play the Hulk on TV, and this is his story.  Any hardcore Hulk fan will love reading this book.  Hearing all the backstage tales from Lou himself!