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THOR - "The God of Thunder"



He's a beautiful, blond, magic hammer wielding god, playing superhero in modern times. Thor lives in two worlds, our human world as the most powerful superhero in the Avengers, and mythological Asgard, where he is the Norse god of thunder, and the son of Odin (king of the gods).

Thor has a confusing transformation in comics. Originally, Thor was the handicap Dr. Don Blake. Who, discovered an old walking cane and by tapping it on the ground, Don Blake turned into Thor. But as they started to use more and more Norse mythology, Thor became a full character himself. So originally, Thor was being punished by his father, bonding him to a human to learn humility. Eventually, they figured the whole Don Blake thing was pointless and they separated the two (we haven't seen Don Blake in years now).

As a god, Thor has an array of powers. In addition to being almost as tough as Superman, he's also immortal, can command the weather and open dimensional portals. He always carries a stubby war-hammer named Mjolnir, made of Uru (whatever that is). Only someone who is worthy can lift Mjolnir, which for the most part is just Thor. When thrown, the hammer returns to him and depending on the writer, Thor may need the hammer to fly.

Thor is a founding member of the Avengers and has many friends and drinking buddies. In Asgard, he hangs with the Warriors Three and Balder the Brave. While his adoptive brother Loki, originally friendly as kids, has become jealous and often tries to kill Thor. As Don Blake, Thor was in love with nurse/ now doctor Jane Foster. As Thor, he has an on again, off again relationship with the Lady Sif.



Currently played by Chris Hemsworth in THOR, THE AVENGERS, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, THOR: RAGNAROK, and the upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. In the movies, Thor never had a human counter part. And his human girlfriend, Jane was turned into a astrophysicist. All the magic and mythology of Asgard is treated more like alien tech than magic in the films as well.



Every single Thor fan needs this!  Not much more to say, aside from it is awesome.


This is prefect for the movie fan, a beautiful art book of Thor's last movie, filled with tales of making the movie.  It will look great on any Thor fans coffee table! GOOD FOR KIDS

Prepare for greatness!  It's Thor vs Hercules!  This was an epic story back in the 1960's as Odin wanted to punish Thor and sent Hercules to do it for him!  A must read tale for any Thor fan! GOOD FOR KIDS

This is a must have for Thor fans.  As often is the case with superheroes, they die and come back to life again.  Bablyon 5 creator J Michael Straczynski writes this come back to life story for Thor.  And reestablishes everything epic about Thor, as artist Olivier Coipel creates his modrennew look!  GOOD FOR KIDS

It does not get better than this!  Superstar writer / artist Walter Simonson took Thor to heights undreamed during his run.  Bring in the alien Beta Rey Bill who managed to take the hammer from Thor.  In came out in the 1980's, and every Thor fan must read it!  GOOD FOR KIDS

This a classic butt-kicking tale as Thor goes up agasint many of the cosmic heralds of Galactus!  Drawn by the legendary artist Keith Pollard!  This is just a great collection of classic Thor tales and fan will love!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Here's a sweet way for those diehard fans to display all their Thor books, a metal Thor book end!  They most likely haven't seen this before! 


Here's an often overlooked tale that many diehards have missed, "Blood and Thunder", mainly because it was cosmic story featuring crossing over to many non-Thor comics, featuring the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock. So surprise them with this gem! GOOD FOR KIDS