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WOLVERINE - "Weapon-X"



Wolverine is the ultimate tough guy. Even when surrounded by people with incredible superpowers, Wolverine is still the toughest guy in the room. While still a stand up guy, that doesn't stop him from giving a damn about anyone's feelings. Plus he's got giant claws at the ready when anyone messes with him.

For a long time Wolverine's back story was a major part of his comics. As no one knew where he came from. Well that is all changed, and now we know he was born James Howlett in the 1800's. Although his mother apparently had an affair with a man named Thomas Logan. After some craziness, young James kills Thomas, but then takes his name, Logan (it will hurt your head to learn more). After decades of wandering and fighting wars, the Canadian Government captures him. They hope to turn him into a living weapon, Weapon-X. The process robs him of his memory. He doesn't last long as Weapon-X, although he still whines up a superhero. Again, very long story short, he ends up with the X-Men. As their leader, Professor Xavier believes he can help Logan recover his memories.

Like all X-Men, Wolverine is a mutant, the so-called next step in human evolution. Reaching puberty, Wolverine gains a healing factor, making him almost impossible to kill, or even wound. He also developed large bone claws in his forearms, which unsheathe through his hands. As part of the Weapon-X program, his bones have all been covered in adamantium (an unbreakable metal). Making him extra tough and giving him his metal claws.

Wolverine is one of the few superheroes not above killing. As a near immortal (his healing factor keeps him young), he has traveled the world finding friends, lovers and enemies everywhere.



Currently played by Hugh Jackman in X-MEN, X2, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, THE WOLVERINE, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, and LOGAN. In the movies, Wolverine hasn't been changed too from the comics. Though through circumstances they had him volunteer for the Weapon-X program. Also in the comics, Wolverine was known for being short, and Jackman is over six feet tall.



Wolverine basically comes from the X-Men.  And here's a great coffee table book full of fun info and tons of art work.  Even the passing fan of Wolverine will enjoy this! GOOD FOR KIDS


Are they also anime fans?  Well then this will blow their minds!  An anime reimagining of Wolverine, but Mad House, one of the top animation studios in Japan.

Every Wolverine fan should start here.  This is the story that started to explain just who the heck this guy Wolverine is.  Written and drawn by a comicbook legend, Barry Windsor-Smith!

Wolverine was the break out star of the all-new, all-different X-Men, so eventually he was given his own series, and this is it!  Any Wolverine fan will love his first solo advetures! GOOD FOR KIDS

Before becoming Wolverine, Logan spent some time in Japan.  Years later he returned meets an old flame and gets his life torn appart.  It's an old tale many know, but not everyone has read.  Drawn by fan fav Frank Miller- when he was good (fans will know what that means).  GOOD FOR KIDS

Now this is a big X-Men storyline, but it's also very important to Wolverine fans, as it features his first battles with Sabertooth.  Who then became Wolverines arch-rivial.  A must of any Wolverine fan!  GOOD FOR KIDS

Yes now they can have they own set of Wolverine claws!  Buy them this and they will be indebted to you for life!  Note, why the claws aren't sharp, they are still metal and pointy, so not a good idea for kids.


Here's one they probably don't have, an high quality coloring book of Wolverine.  Featuring some of the most popular comicbook artists.  Plus they can scan the pages and color them in the computer too! GOOD FOR KIDS