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Books come alive for your kids!

Tomdra Studio is proud to presents its first two interactive books for your kids. You and your kids will have books on the go and watch them come alive.


Books on the go

Take your book with you wherever you go. No need to lug around your entire library! Our books are available on all the popular devices: iPhones, iPads, Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android devices!

It’s a book, not an APP game

Even though it’s on your tablet or phone, its not a computer game. While characters will move around with full animation, and interact with their environments, there is no audio or sound effects. The book will not read itself! The pleasure of reading to your children and inspiring them to read, is all yours!


Beautifully illustrated just like traditional books

At Tomdra Studios, we take art very seriously. Just because it’s viewed on screen doesn’t mean we scrimp on the art. Our books look just as good on screen as does on paper


Check out our newest books!


Captain Rocket and the Green Thing

An INTERACTIVE BOOK, featuring the campy, retro space age adventure! Watch Captain Rocket and his faithful side-kick blast rescue a planet from the evil Green Thing!

Werewolf on the Town

An INTERACTIVE BOOK featuring the spooky, not scary, adventures of a mischievous Werewolf! Watch him go out and play in the full moon light!

Introducing our first traditional board book, Jesus Bear! 

A Kick Starter is on it’s way, STAY TUNED!!

A husband and wife artist team

TOM and SanDRA Fremgen are the husband and wife team behind TOMDRA Studio. After being married for 12 years, they decided it was finally time to merge their love of animation and fine art and see what they can come up with. With inspiration from their 3 year old son Bobby, they decided their first venture should be chidren’s books. :)

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